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Van Halen on Cloud Security

Van Halen on Cloud Security

What in the name of rock-and-roll does Van Halen have to do with the cloud? Join us on a magical journey filled with wonderment and perplexity as we seek to understand this parable.

Linux kernel vulnerability may apply to ESX Service Console

There is a recent Linux kernel vulnerability (CVE-2010-3081) which is currently being exploited by hackers.  ZDNet reports: “In the last day, we’ve received many reports of people attacking production systems using an exploit for this vulnerability, so if you run

New vShield capabilities on tap, plus agentless antivirus

SearchServerVirtualization.com is reporting that VMWare is previewing some upcoming enhancements to the vShield product. vShield App can dynamically apply traffic rules at the application level.  For example it can automatically detect SSL traffic and apply a containment rule that transcends

VMware PCI Compliance Checker (free tool)

PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance refers to a set of security standards (Data Security Standard) required by the credit card industry for any applications that process credit cards (E-commerce, B2B, etc.). As reported by Visa, many companies have