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The Storage Hypervisor Part 3 — Storage Efficiency

In the first post in this series we discussed how ONTAP – the #1 storage platform in terms of revenue – is a storage hypervisor of sorts – providing benefits which parallel those provided by virtualization.  In the second post

The Stack Market: Vblock, FlexPod, VSPEX (and me)

I’ve written several times on this blog about converged infrastructure and a few recent events have compelled me to revisit the topic. These events include the launch of EMC’s VSPEX solution along with my decision to accept a new position

Building Blocks of SAN 2.0 — Flash, Thunder & Lightning

EMC Adds To Their Flash Storage Solutions with “Thunder” and “Lightning” This week EMC announced two new flash based storage products, appropriately codenamed Lightning and Thunder.  There’s a recorded webcast here, and also excellent posts by Chuck Hollis (1, 2,

Stacks, the Vblock and Value — A Chat with EMC’s Chad Sakac

Stacks, the Vblock and Value — A Chat with EMC’s Chad Sakac

...I reached out to EMC’s Chad Sakac to gain more insights from his perspective on how the various stacks…well…stacked up....

Why Disk Alignment is important (and how to fix a misaligned VM)

Your disk system and your Windows VMs may be running slower than necessary. Some simple steps can help to improve disk performance by 9 – 13% in your virtual datacenter.

The Risks of Thin Provisioning — and Solutions

Recently I was interviewing a candidate who mentioned his vSphere experience.  I asked him what his favorite feature of vSphere 4.1 was and he said thin provisioning (technically this was possible in ESX 3.5 but was really introduced in 4.0).

Synergy: Vblock + UIM + vCloud Director

Let’s take a quick overview of three separate products: Vblock:  Infrastructure as a utility.  Need more capacity?  Purchase servers/storage/networking as a single rack – no engineering required. EMC Unified Infrastucture Manager (UIM):  Single point of management for vBlock infrastructure with policy-based

What’s Changed in vSphere 4.1?

Courtesy of Eric Sloof's blog post, I discovered this Powerpoint deck of over 200 slides which goes into incredible detail on all the changes that were introduced in 4.1 (from 4.0). These slides are a gold mine of information on everything

VM Backup Reference Architecture – Part 1: Fundamentals

I wanted to do a series of posts discussing the pros and cons of various VM backup strategies and some best practices, but I found it necessary to cover some fundamentals before discussing specific solutions.

IBM acquires Storwize

Storwize specializes in real-time compression and was just acquired by IBM who will be integrating their technology into IBM's storage portfolio. Earlier I posted on Nimble Storage which is offering innovative storage solutions with special benefits for Windows and VMware environments.