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It’s Christmas in August for VMware Customers

Some huge announcements were made at VMWorld today, many of which will be warmly received by VMware customers. I’m not referring to some of the great new features like the vSphere 5.1 web client, but things like new product entitlements,

VMware vSphere 5.1 Feature Preview

vSphere 5.1 might technically be a “minor” update, but just like vSphere 4.1 there are some very significant new features – many around increased scalability and improved operations.  I had the opportunity to spend a little bit of time with

Not going to VMworld? Register for VMware NOW on Monday August 27th

If you’re like me and unable to attend VMworld this year, you can still “virtually” attend the conference with on-demand access to keynotes, new product overviews, demos and more. I’m especially excited about this year’s VMworld as not only is there

The New Application Paradigm — Is the PC Still The Center of the Universe?

The New Application Paradigm — Is the PC Still The Center of the Universe?

For roughly 1500 years it was believed that the Earth was the center of the universe.  Copernicus wrote a paper in 1532, which would not be published until several years following his death, which argued that the planets in fact

vCloud Request Manager Video

VMware just announced a new product which should help transcending through organizational silos and increase business agility within the private cloud. This past August, vCloud Director was launched, which replaced vCenter Lifecycle Manager.  Rather than limiting provisioning and lifecycle management

VMworld 2010 Keynote Replay

Below is the 4 minute intro that was played at VMworld 2010 to attempt to define the cloud with a bit of humor. During the live feed I missed the fact that the voice inquiring "What the hell is

Manage vSphere from your iPad

I may live near the Big Apple, but I’m not a big Apple person ( I like to think different).  But this vSphere management app for the iPad seems rather handy.  Hopefully there will be an Android version as well,

Synergy: Vblock + UIM + vCloud Director

Let’s take a quick overview of three separate products: Vblock:  Infrastructure as a utility.  Need more capacity?  Purchase servers/storage/networking as a single rack – no engineering required. EMC Unified Infrastucture Manager (UIM):  Single point of management for vBlock infrastructure with policy-based

Pre-Keynote Product Announcements

Here’s a quick summary of some product announcements and links.  At a future time I will take a closer look at several of these new solutions. VMware View 4.5 — Tiered storage, agentless anti-virus, and offline (untethered) capability…this is going

vSpecialist’s Delight (Video)

This is worth a quick blog post.  Chad Sakac’s army of vSpecialists put a lot of effort into this project.  They even went so far as to rent a gorilla suit (don’t miss the dance at the end!). This might